It is time to reflect on 2016.

But let me first wish you a great 2017!

2016 has been an emotionial year, with big ups and terrible downs. But what's the meaning of live without them?

Let me focus on the good stuff.

2016 was the year that dreams came true! Things that came totally unexpected . Let me pick out a few moments. First surprise was a pop up exhibition of my overal work in Zaal3 ( old electricity factory) with friends and family, a gift of my wife with the help of our friends.  It was for me the first time to see my work combined ( paintings and photographs). And for the first time i saw that i do have a own style. It gave me inspiration and confidence.  

Because of this style we (Marc ten Bruggen Cate, Mariko Naber and myself) were able to create a beautiful and inspirational web site. This lead to an invitation for another exhibition at Kunsthuizen Leiden. My all time dream came true. Being judged by art lovers and the crowd.  Thanks to Eva Arends of Kunsthuizen for the initiative. 

We decided to donate the turnover to Daniel den Hoed Cancer Foundation.

Due to the promo movie ( regional tv) about the exhibition, which let to a lot attention and visitors, and to old friends which i did't expect ever to see anymore in my life. This was very emotional and gave me new loads of new energy.

2016 gave me new inspiration and the creative power for new plans. Soon i will publish a new Collection of paintings and photo's as kick off for 2017. I was proud to donate a few thousand euros and I hope to make that a tradition.

I hope you will like my new site, and  be so kind to leave your comments!

All the best for 2017.