Yes!! My biggest wish in life comes true! 

I will have my own exhibition in a professional gallery.

I am so proud that finally my art is acknowledged by outsiders. I have had exhibitions before, but they were only visited by my incrowd ( friends and family). 

The incrowd liked it, but you never know if they really appreciate it. At least that doubt is always in my head.

Now I will judged by the outside world, how exciting is that? 

I create stuff I like in the hope that others do to, only this invitation is already fulfilling my dreams. Lets see what comes next.

It is about appreciation and not about money. Of course it will be very nice to sell al my work but earning money is for later. Together with the gallery "Kunsthuis Leiden "  the turnover will be donated to the Daniel den Hoed Foundation, a clinic that is specialised in brain tumors. 

I have been treated there over the last few years so now I can give something back!

And for the ones who want to have a great feeling and already feel guilty that they have not climbed any mountains of do other unhealthy stuff to contribute to cancer-research in general, just buy a painting or picture and you compensate for your utter laziness. 

You will help the hospital ,me, the gallery and yourself.

I realise that This all could only happen with the help and support of Marc ten Brugge Cate who created a beautiful website and prepared my pictures for publishing. Next to Marc I would like to thank my wife Marie José for making this all happen, the trust,the space, the love and giving me the opportunity to be myself.