Life after work…


It is the week after my exhibition at Kunsthuis Leiden and it is time to reflect.

It was one of the best things I have experienced in my life. This is all I wanted from my teenage years onwards. 

When I was sixteen I decided not to go to the Art Academy. I was in love with Art but I did not want to live like an artist.  Only for the happy few this was a good living but for the remaining group it is a life struggle. I decided to keep it as hobby next to sport, study and later work. 

It always kept me going in difficult times. I could express myself in the arts. In the beginning completely open minded later on influenced by other artists and art history classes, and much later tv and musea. 

My goal was to create work that touched other people ‘for emotional tear’. 

Now after all these years my dreams and goals came together. An official exhibition made available by .  I am very grateful for making this possible. The strange thing is that I did not do anything myself other than creating the art. Everything was arranged, I only had to show up. Strange because you want some involvement. Like I said, I would like to add something to this world. At work I always questioned what the fuck i was doing…weird it was that the more I had doubts, the more money i earned. 

That was ok in the beginning but later on I decided to focus on a more social and enjoyable life where work is not the main driver but just support.

This happend also during the exhibition, a lot of people visited and bought a lot a my work. I am very proud of that, and the profit will  go to cancer research (a good initiative by kunsthuizen .nl). My work gives a contribution to humanity, makes people happy makes me happy. Life after work is good.