How is it possible that ‘The Dumb’ rule the world?

Rather a difficult topic to cover in a blog…but here we go…

History repeats itself; nobody has learnt any lesson from the past. However that is an incorrect statement. The 'bad' guys did. They are using the same tools as former leaders to establish their power.

It was easier when there were no schools and very little education( only for the happy few). People where not educated and could easily be manipulated. Unfortunately there are more ‘less’ educated people than educated people in the world. The big problem is that the educated people abuse the 'dumb' people to obtain and maintain their power. It happens in democratic countries and countries with dictatorship.

As there are more 'dumb' people so called ‘leaders’ are required to get their votes to maintain power. To get those votes they just shout what the ‘people’ want to hear, that goes for populist, religious and established more contemporary political parties. Just keep it simple. Solutions are not required because the less educated people are not aware of what is going on behind closed doors.  If it is going bad… ( doesn't matter what) It's never their fault but the Government’s, Islam, Police, Refugees, Moroccans or Pokemon. They are victims of their own stupidities.

So to get to power you need to get rid off the 'educated' people (Turkey currently and Cambodia and China the recent past). Their country or others will be destroyed and nobody will interfere. And if they act as the 'dumb' president George Bush elected by the ‘unknown’. They just fuck up everything . If he had not attacked Irak the world would have been a different place today.

Anyway my answer is : education, but education can lead to manipulation ,get rid off the current teachers (Turkey) and replace them by teachers who manipulate and feed the young with….more dumb content.

As long as the people in charge don't do anything about this, as they are part of the vicious circle, don't expect anything to change.

History will repeat itself.