The cancer has returned and is starting to grow again. Motorics, sight and mouth are affected and do not work properly.  A new medicine, a clinical trial, is ready to be applied under supervision in the hospital. This starts tomorrow and for a few days it will be administered at the Daniel Den Hoed clinic in Rotterdam.

You can think negative about cancer, but looking back i can see it brought also a lot of good and positive things. Not just for me but also for my surrounding . 

Negative experiences make you aware of all the good things in our lives.

You have to fight for a happy and healthy existence for yourself and your loved ones, and if possible fight hard for as many people, animals and nature as possible.  

Cancer made me realise what a beautiful life i have with my wife, friends and family. 

They say if something like this happens it shows you how people really are. Well i have to say that I am stunned and proud of all of them. It gives me such a good feeling that I am ready to win each battle. 

I do not have to work anymore, since 3 years, and that is a relief, not one day have I thought about it. Without the cancer I was still doing the same shit. I have started to pick up on my passion: painting and photography. Cancer gives me direction. In the end you will die. I am not afraid of dying I am actually exited. But you can do it only one time and there is no return. 

I know what I have and I am happy and I will fight for my life. I don't fight against cancer. Fighting for something gives you more motivation and a winning chance rather than fighting against something, that is negative and in the end you will lose as well.

If you fight for something you can lose but with a smile on your face. So I am ready to fight for life again with the emotional and spiritual support of my loved ones!!