There are days that are just not working the way they should. Like earlier this week...working on an assignment and final touch on the basics of a painting, I stab the painting with the spatula All the way through. Normally you go to the first aid, but i have no insurance for stabbed  canvas . So they kicked me out and said if i returned they put me in a madhouse.

Ok now I have to recover the stab wound myself. First i called some experts and listened to their advice. After that I decided to do some thinking on my own. Again a lesson in the world of the artist.

So what to do? 

recover it and spent a lot of time with a non perfect result . 

leave it like it is and tell them it's part of the artwork.

leave it like it is and buy new canvas and start all over again.

I chose for option 2 and 3. If 2 fails I can start with 3. Learningfull experiences i just love the art and creativity. Out of every bad thing comes something good, whatever it is. Don't sit down and feel sorry for yourself. No. Go on and solve it. And if possible do enjoy it😄 Up # 1 Up # 1 Up #2 Up #2