Today is the first real beach day of 2016. We have tried before but today it felt real.         

The warmt makes me and a lot of other people come alive again. I can feel the joy and happiness after a boring and energy sucking winter. The great weather and being outside in the warmth of spring inspires me and forces me to be creative and positive. Due to the cancer i am limited in performing all the ideas in my head. But it also makes me more hungry to do new stuff and be flexible.  

Some things that are difficult for me to execute are done by my good friend Marc. At the moment we are updating and working on my website together and make it come alive and dynamic.

At the moment I am revisiting some old work that was stuffed away in my attic at the Vondelstraat. Amazingly there are some pieces that I really like. I am making them become alive and kicking again. 

There is a new series on the site of recent photography called Scheveningen Black and White. We need to name them and add some descriptions but it is new work and it inspires me to create more. All going to social media as well. 

Also working on new paintings that I will share with you soon. If the weather stays like this there is a lot more to come!

My first real journal entry. Promise a new one each week.